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Candle Making

DIY Candle Making in Singapore

CraftLab's Basic Soy Candle Making Workshop is centered around providing our participants a stess-free and exciting experience. Candles are perfect to have around as they can be the perfect complements to countless number of activities. Experience the satisfaction you’ll get from watching your very own candle take shape in the glass moulds! We believe that buying a candle does not have to come with a hefty price tag. Furthermore, why not make one yourself and gain a deeper understanding to how candles are made? Join us for a step-by step and easy to follow soy candle making workshop, choose from a variety of scents to put into your candles!

Candle Making Workshops - Candle Making - Craft Labs, Singapore February 2024

Candle Making Workshops in Singapore

Duration: 1-1.5 Hours

Age Group: Suitable for all age

Recommended Group Size: 5 Pax to Unlimited. However, if you have less than 5, we can still carry out the workshop with the rates set at 5 pax.

Convenient Studio Location: 5 Mins walk from Marymount MRT Station. The studio can hold up to 50 Pax.

Professional Trainers: Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided.

Affordable Rates Guarantee

Have the freedom to handcraft your candle with figurines and coloured sand. Learn the techniques and handling of gel wax and also how to properly layer your decorations to produce the best-looking results!

Benefits of Candle Making


Team Building

Participants can form groups to discuss on choice of colours and scents for their soy candles. Each member in the group are assigned different roles (time keeper, stirrer, etc.) to foster team work.

Learning of Soy Candle

Learn the benefits of using soy for candling as opposed to common paraffin candles. Hone your do-it-yourself skills! We guide and facilitate, but you will be doing the soy candle yourself.

Stress Relieve

Relax your mind and reduce your stress by joining us for a therapeutic candle making session. Join us for a quick reality escape to create your own gel candle masterpiece while gaining a deeper understanding of how gel candles are made.

Types of Candle Workshops

Whether it is for a corporate team building activity, a birthday party or fringe activities, be prepared for a fun-filled time of creating a masterpiece and bringing it home.

Candle Making Workshops - Candle Making - Craft Labs, Singapore February 2024

Basic Soy Candle Making Workshop

Relieve your stress, and bond with your colleagues over a step-by-step, easy to follow soy candle making class.

Candle Making Workshops - Candle Making - Craft Labs, Singapore February 2024

Advanced Soy Candle Making Workshop

In our Advanced Soy Candle Making Workshop, get the chance to apply what you’ve learnt in our Basic Soy Candle Making Workshop to customise your candle further with layering techniques and additional colours. With all that effort, you’ve gotten yourself a candle with intricate designs

Candle Making Workshops - Candle Making - Craft Labs, Singapore February 2024

Gel Making Candle

Learn how to make your very own gel candle and customize it yourself with the help of our friendly trainers. Grab a minimum of 5 pax and sign up today!.

Candle Making Workshops - Candle Making - Craft Labs, Singapore February 2024

2-in-1 Scented Candle Making

Can't decide between Soy or Gel Candle Making? How about experiencing best of both worlds in our Scented Candle Making workshop!

Candle Making Workshops - Candle Making - Craft Labs, Singapore February 2024

Luxury Series 2-in-1 Scented Candle Making

Create your own luxurious 2-in-1 scented candle using different glitters! These candles are scented with essential oils of your choice.

Candle Making Workshops - Candle Making - Craft Labs, Singapore February 2024

Message in Candle Workshop

Trying to send a hidden message or simply just want to create a pleasant surprise for your loved one? Give Craft Labs' Message In A Candle Making Workshop in Singapore a try to get to learn basics of candle making today and give a gift.

Candling Making FAQ

1. What are the types of wax you use?

For the 2-in-1 Scented Candle Making workshop, we use both soy and gel wax!

2. Can i choose the scent that i want?

Of course! We have a variety of different scents for you to choose from.

3. How long do the candles last?

Depending on use, our candles can burn for 18-24 hours!

4. How do I care for my Candles?

For our soy candle, it is recommended that the candles are placed indoors in cool, dry place. Please discard after the wick is completely burnt out.

5. Where do I obtain more wax as mine is completely used up?

We provide Soy candle refilling services. Refill your used soy candles! Exclusively catered for our past workshop participants. A nominal fee will charged for our soy candle refilling services.

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    Choon Siong Ng
    I attended a terrarium workshop organised by nus. Was held during covid so conducted over zoom but was still quite fun! The instructor was also very friendly and helpful in answering questions over zoom. Overall was quite an enjoyable experience!
    David Choo
    I did the Terrarium Workshop as part of my university's welfare event. It is a nice break from the hectic university life 🙂
    Dakshitaa Venkatesh Babu
    Very fun & chill terrarium making workshop to destress. Conductor Zee was so chill and funny that made all of us relax & enjoy
    Mengzhe Wang
    Zee was very funny and engaging. Had great fun.
    C. H. Wong
    Had a fun time at their terrarium making workshop!
    Johnson Ho
    Had a great Terrarium making workshop with Zee. (:
    Had alot of fun at the zoom Terrarium Workshop organized by my university. End product exceeded my expectations and i enjoyed the process. Items were well packaged for delivery!
    I did the Terrarium Workshop and Leather Crafting Workshop over zoom with them : ) the instructors were really patient and engaging

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    Candle Making Workshops - Candle Making - Craft Labs, Singapore February 2024

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