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Sneakers Art Jamming

Sneakers Art Jamming in Singapore

Have you ever wanted a unique pair of shoes but couldn't get them anywhere? To let your inner creativity shine through and create a unique pair of shoes, check out Sneakers Art Jamming! Participants will learn the fundamentals of painting while choosing between painting on leather or canvas shoes. Participants will receive the greatest outcomes with the customized shoes that they can proudly wear them wherever they go thanks to the fully guided session.

Sneakers Art Jamming and Team Building Workshops in Singapore ― Powered by Crafts Lab

We now have a new art jamming workshop! Our Sneakers Art Jamming workshop is a creative activity when a pair of sneakers are decorated and painted using a variety of methods. It’s a fun and well-liked hobby that lets players show off their creativity and uniqueness while making a special pair of personalised sneakers.

Participants in a sneakers art jamming workshop receive a pair of basic canvas or pleather sneakers as well as a variety of vibrant paints and brushes. Then, using their creative skills and imagination, they are free to make their own special designs, patterns, and colours on the sneakers.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in sneakers art jamming! It’s an amazing opportunity to explore your creativity, pick up new skills, and socialise with others in a laid-back setting. The fully facilitated session will ensure that participants achieve the greatest outcomes when designing their own unique footwear that captures their personalities and sense of style to wear out and about and proudly flaunt.

Join us on this artistic adventure and let your inner Picasso free during Sneakers Art Jamming! Bring your family and friends along for an enjoyable experience of bonding while you paint on shoes!

Sneakers Art Jamming Details


The Sneakers Art Jamming workshop will last for two to three hours.


  • Leather or Canvas Shoe
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Paint Palette


Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

Professional Trainers

Each trainer will be given a small group of students to work with during the Sneakers Art Jamming Workshop to ensure that full guidance is provided. Of course, everyone will have complete creative freedom to produce their own creation.

Group Size

We need a minimum of 2 participants to begin our Sneakers Art Jamming workshop. Within our studio, we can accommodate a group size ranging from 2 to 50 participants. If you have a suitable location, we can accommodate an unlimited number of participants.

Ideal For

  • Children
  • Couples
  • Learning About Painting Techniques
  • Stress Relief Session
  • Team Building in singapore
  • Family bonding through art jamming in singapore
  • Parent-child bonding through shoe art jamming

Benefits of Sneakers Art Jamming

Creative Expression

Sneakers Art Jamming allows you to express your creativity and individuality by designing

and customising your own pair of sneakers


Engaging in creative activities like Shoe Art Jamming can help reduce stress and promote relaxation,

increasing your mental health and productivity levels in the long run. It also allows you to strengthen

bonds with the people around you, which decreases stress levels, promotes teamwork and

creates a therapeutic environment.

Personalised fashion

With Sneakers Art Jamming, you can create a one-of-a-kind pair

of sneakers that reflect your personal style and taste.

Skill development

Sneakers Art Jamming can help develop your artistic skills and techniques as you

experiment with different materials and styles. Painting and decorating shoes requires fine motor skills,

which can be improved through practice and repetition.

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Sneakers Art Jamming workshops - Sneakers Art Jamming - Craft Labs, Singapore June 2024

Experience Sneakers Art Jamming Workshops With Craft Labs

Here at Craft Labs, we create fun & exciting activities to allow participants to experience crafting while having a good time. Our Sneakers Art Jamming Workshop aims to bring a unique experience for participants to express themselves by designing and customising their own pair of sneakers. During the workshop, we will introduce participants to the concept of art jamming – how it works, the materials you can choose as well as the wide variety of styles you can try while decorating, and customising your shoe.

Unleash your creativity with Craft Labs Sneakers Art Jamming Workshops in Singapore ― Personalise your own Sneakers today!

sneaker art jamming

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Sneakers Art Jamming FAQ

What is Sneakers Art Jamming?

Sneakers art jamming is a creative activity where participants customise and paint canvas or leather shoes. It enables people to use their imagination and customise their footwear to suit their own tastes and styles. Sneakers creative jamming can be carried out either in a group setting, which makes it a fun and social activity, or alone, which can be calming and therapeutic. Participants are given the chance to discover new creative methods and let their inner picasso and artistic talents run wild as they paint, sketch, and decorate the sneakers with various colors and designs. The ultimate product is a one-of-a-kind pair of customised shoes that expresses the wearer’s personality and sense of style and cannot be replicated anywhere else. Sneaker enthusiasts, fashionistas, and art lovers are growing more and more into sneaker art jamming.

Can I bring my own sneakers to customise, or are sneakers provided?

During the session, all materials will be made available. There are two types of shoes to pick from, paint, paint brushes, and protective gear to keep your beautiful clothes clean throughout the session, among other items.

What if I have no prior artistic skills or experience to participate in a Sneakers Art Jamming workshop?

No prior painting skill is necessary for you to participate in a sneakers art jamming session. People of all ability levels, from absolute beginners to experienced artists, can participate in these sessions since they are made to be enjoyable, therapeutic, and accessible.

Regardless of your level of skills, sneakers art jamming aims to promote creativity and self-expression. Our experienced trainers are here to offer you help and guidance while taking you through the process of creating the design you want.

Sneakers art jamming is an amazing opportunity to discover new techniques and let your creativity run wild, whether you’re an expert artist or just getting started.

Are there any age restrictions for participating in Sneakers Art Jamming?

No! You can try painting on shoes regardless of age! Sneakers art jamming is an excellent pastime for kids and teenagers since it lets them express their personality and explore their creative sides. Adults, even elders, can also enjoy it as an enjoyable pastime. Our shoes art jamming workshops offer a variety of materials, tools, and techniques that are appropriate for all ages and talent levels, catering to all age groups and skill levels.

Is there a specific dress code or recommended attire for Sneakers Art Jamming?

Dress comfortably and in clothes you don’t mind getting paint on when you attend the workshop! Alternatively, aprons and gloves will be provided for you as an added measure of safety.

Is there a limit on how many people can attend the workshop?

The Sneakers Art Jamming workshop may accommodate up to 50 participants in our studio. You have the option of choosing your own venue with a higher maximum capacity for groups with more than 50 attendees. Our trainers can gladly travel to your preferred location and accommodate you there!

What should I do to get myself ready for Sneakers Art Jamming?

Find out what you want to paint on your shoes by doing a little research first. You can look online for inspiration or create your own original design. You can paint a picture of your pet or a special area that means something to you, or you can duplicate a pattern you have done on other pieces of clothing.

Will there be any trainers to guide participants during the session?

Yes, our professional trainers are there to give participants the fundamental knowledge needed to begin painting, including color theory and painting techniques, our qualified trainers will begin the session with a presentation. Your chosen style and outcome for your painted sneakers will be ensured by the instructors’ guidance throughout the process. Whether the audience is made up of adults or kids, we will tailor each presentation to their needs.

Will the paint remain on my shoe?

Yes, the paint used for sneakers art jamming is made to stick to the shoe’s material and produce a lasting finish.

It’s essential to meticulously clean the surface of the shoes before painting in order to ensure that the paint adheres to them well. Before painting, we will wipe the shoe’s on the outside.

The paint used in sneakers art jamming should stick nicely to the shoes with the right preparation and application, creating a long-lasting finish that will endure wear and tear and won’t crack or come off your shoe.

What kind of shoe material is being used in Sneakers Art Jamming?

For our Sneakers Art Jamming session, you may select either canvas or leather shoes. The texture of canvas and leather shoes allows the paint to stick on them, resulting in a long-lasting and robust pattern.

How long is the workshop going to last?

A workshop typically lasts between two and three hours. You will receive a pair of plain sneakers and a variety of creative supplies to decorate your sneakers with during the workshop. After that, you can customise and decorate your sneakers to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

The complexity of your design, the methods and materials you utilize and your level of skill are just a few of the variables that can affect how long it takes to customise your sneakers. While some people might be able to finish their designs in a few hours, others could need more time.

How can I make a reservation?

Please call us at 6355 0329 or email us at for reservations or enquiries. Our friendly staff will be glad to assist you.

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    Sneakers Art Jamming workshops - Sneakers Art Jamming - Craft Labs, Singapore June 2024

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