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Coaster Making

The Best Coaster Making Workshops in Singapore ― Choose to make a marbling coaster or a terrazzo coaster

Crafts Lab ― Redefining the concept of coaster making workshops in Singapore.
Offering the best to corporations, academies, and worried parents … Making team bonding and family bonding fun, exciting, and colourful! Spreading the colours of joy in every activity whether it is a birthday party or a proper seminar ― we create excitement, we add value, and memories that can’t be forgotten easily!

coaster making workshop

Coaster Making and Team Building Workshops in Singapore ― Powered by Crafts Lab

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Suitable Age: All age groups, kids are welcome. However, parental supervision for our younger participants aged 3-7 onwards.

Recommended Group Size: 5 Pax to Unlimited. However, if you have less than 5, we can still carry out the workshop with the rates set at 5 pax.

Convenient Studio Location: 5 Mins walk from Marymount MRT Station. The studio can hold up to 50 Pax.

Professional Trainers: Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided.

Affordable Rates Guarantee

Want to try making a product from scratch? Experience it for yourself from start to finish with Craft Labs’ Coaster Making Workshop! This coaster is made by mixing a special powder with an acrylic liquid, and once you have the special mixture it goes into your preferred silicon mould of choice. The mixture sets pretty fast, so you will be able to unmould the coaster during the workshop duration with minimal downtime.

For customization, liquid colour pigments are added to the special mixture! The coaster making workshop allows you to explore your creative side as you get to experience pairing various colours for your coaster, and experiment with various pouring techniques to get your desired marbling swirls and effects on the coaster. Our craft trainers are skilled in their craft and have worked with a wide variety of clients, so allow us to customise a special workshop experience just for you – no matter the occasion! From hens party to your corporate team building event, trust us to curate the best possible event for you.

A fun & exciting experience awaits you at Craft Labs’ studio. Let us help you create a fun and memorable team building event with Craft Labs’ Acrylic Pour Bear Workshop toady! Contact us for a free quote now!

Coaster Making Workshop — What it is & its benefits

The art of coaster making is so simple that participants of all ages – young and old can all enjoy! The coaster making process involves mixing a special acrylic liquid together with powder. This mixture is then poured into a silicon mould of choice so you will be able to customize the shape of the coaster. Additionally, you can further customise the look of your coasters by adding a wide variety of colours! These coasters make useful gifts, or they’re also a great addition to your work spaces!

Fun & Exciting Coaster Making Session ― Experience a new art form with Craft Labs

Coaster making is so easy that almost everyone, and anyone can enjoy this activity! At Craft Labs, our friendly trainers will give you an introduction on the material that you will be using, its properties and how to work with the material to get the best possible outlook for your coasters! This coaster making workshop in Singapore will definitely impress your friends and co-workers, so organize a fun & unique team building experience for them today!

Coaster Making Workshop in Singapore ― The Best Experience with Craft Labs

From start to finish, you will be guided by our friendly in-house instructors every step of the way! You can expect to learn the art of coaster making using an eco-friendly, concrete-like material. The whole experience of learning coaster making during Craft Labs’ Coaster Making Workshop will be a fun-filled & exciting one for all participants.

Corporates, Companies, Families, and Schools ― An Enjoyable & Fun Coaster Making Workshop Experience For All!

No matter what your interests are, or whatever your art experience is, all are welcomed to enjoy this fun & exciting coaster making workshop

coaster making workshop

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Connected with the best institutions of Singapore
  • Have served the greatest number of workplaces in Singapore
  • Meticulously planned activities to enhance workplace productivity and team motivation level
  • Known by all type of business scales
  • Worked with international corporations and clients in Singapore

Experience Coaster Making Workshop With Craft Labs

  • Here at Craft Labs, we create fun & exciting activities to allow participants to experience crafting while having a good time. Our Coaster Making Workshop aims to bring a unique experience for participants to express themselves through the use of colours and various pouring techniques. During the workshop, we will introduce participants to the concept of coaster making – how it works, the colour combinations you can choose as well as the wide variety of pouring styles you can try while creating marbling effects on your coaster.

    Unleash your creativity with Craft Labs Coaster Making Workshops in Singapore ― Personalise your own coasters today!

    Get a slot reserved for your team and family members by getting in touch with one of our representatives. We are offering:

    • Coaster making workshop sessions for beginners.
    • Coaster making workshops for enthusiasts.
    • Team Building experiences through Coaster Making workshops
    • Private events, Birthday Parties and Hens Party

    It just does not stop here ― our creativity and planning knows no boundaries! 

    We love bringing people together with the power of art, imagination, and creativity. 


Benefits of Coaster Making Workshops


Team Building

Here at CraftLabs, we know the importance of team building and getting your colleagues to work together to achieve a common goal. Thus, we are able to provide team building elements to be incorporated in our coaster making workshops! Please feel free to contact us should you require more information on the team building aspects of the workshop.


Express your creativity by pairing colours to form your coaster during Craft Labs Coaster Making Workshop – marbling or terrazzo!

Stress Relieving

Craft Labs Coaster Making Workshops participants can expect a therapeutic crafting journey during the session. The perfect time to unwind and relax!

Types of Coaster Making Workshops

Here at Craft Labs, we have two main types of coaster making workshops! Choose between making a marbling coaster or a terrazzo coaster!

coaster making workshop


POPULAR CHOICE! Marbling coaster workshop, straightforward & easy to do!

COASTER MAKING WORKSHOP - Coaster Making - Craft Labs, Singapore September 2022


Coaster making with your preferred terrazzo design!


1. Can Craft Labs Coaster Making Sessions be customised to my needs?

Yes! Other than our standard sessions, we also offer services catered to our customer’s needs to provide them with a more satisfactory experience. Do let us know your requirements before the workshop so we will be able to customise the best possible experience for you!

2. Do I need to bring my own materials?

No, all the materials such as the coaster making powder, acrylic liquid, coaster moulds and tools will be provided. However, please come dressed in attire you dont mind getting dirty in as due to the nature of this workshop experience, things may get a little messy!

3. What if I have no prior art experience?

We believe that everyone should have the right to create art, so we welcome people of all backgrounds and ages with or without art experience! If you are unsure on how to express your ideas during the coaster making process, our friendly art facilitators will be there to guide you! Coaster making does not require any prior art experience and it’s pretty easy to do, making it suitable for a wide range of participants no matter your abilities!

4. What can I expect from the workshop?

Our professional trainers will start off the workshop with a presentation to introduce the material they will be using during the coaster making process. We will teach participants on how to create their own coasters from scratch. Fret not, we will customise our presentation according to the audience be it students or adults. Following which, we will begin with the hands-on session and each participant will get to bring home their own masterpiece.

5. Where will the location of the workshop be?

If you have a desired venue in mind, we can arrange for the workshop to be held at your place. Alternatively, you can head down to our workshop space (capacity: 50 pax) located near Marymount MRT station.

6. How can I make a reservation?

Please call us at 6355 0329 or email us at [email protected] for reservations or enquiries. Our friendly staff will be glad to assist you.

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    Review From Customers

    Choon Siong Ng
    I attended a terrarium workshop organised by nus. Was held during covid so conducted over zoom but was still quite fun! The instructor was also very friendly and helpful in answering questions over zoom. Overall was quite an enjoyable experience!
    David Choo
    I did the Terrarium Workshop as part of my university's welfare event. It is a nice break from the hectic university life 🙂
    Dakshitaa Venkatesh Babu
    Very fun & chill terrarium making workshop to destress. Conductor Zee was so chill and funny that made all of us relax & enjoy
    Mengzhe Wang
    Zee was very funny and engaging. Had great fun.
    C. H. Wong
    Had a fun time at their terrarium making workshop!
    Johnson Ho
    Had a great Terrarium making workshop with Zee. (:
    Had alot of fun at the zoom Terrarium Workshop organized by my university. End product exceeded my expectations and i enjoyed the process. Items were well packaged for delivery!
    I did the Terrarium Workshop and Leather Crafting Workshop over zoom with them : ) the instructors were really patient and engaging

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    COASTER MAKING WORKSHOP - Coaster Making - Craft Labs, Singapore September 2022

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