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Clay Figurine Making Workshops

Clay Figurine Making Workshops

Craftlabs’ Clay Art Workshop provides an immersive 1-1.5hours experience on the art and craft of clay making. Guided by our in-house clay making artists, participants will begin by watching a live demonstration of how the craft is being done to kickstart your clay making experience and ensuring everyone understands the basics. To further enhance your experience with us at Craft Labs, a set of clay modelling tools will be provided during the workshop to help you create your desired shapes on the clay figurine. Join us and experience the wonders of Clay Art with CraftLabs.

- Clay Figurine Making Workshops - Craft Labs, Singapore January 2022

Clay Figurine Making Workshops

Duration: 1-1.5 Hours

Age Group: Suitable for all age

Recommended Group Size: 5 Pax to Unlimited. However, if you have less than 5, we can still carry out the workshop with the rates set at 5 pax.

Convenient Studio Location: 5 Mins walk from Marymount MRT Station. The studio can hold up to 50 Pax.

Professional Trainers: Each trainer will be assigned to a few participants to ensure that full guidance is provided.

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Benefits of Clay Workshops


Bonding Session

This clay art workshop is a hit especially for parent-child bonding events as clay art is known to have various benefits for both children and adults. Clay art instills responsibility and patience for our little ones as they would have to work on various individual shapes perfectly before piecing it together to form their masterpiece.


CraftLabs clay art workshop is an introductory module that provides participants with the basic knowledge of handling air-dried clay, clay modelling tools and clay sculpting techniques. We hope to share with you the beauty of clay art, and that the possibilities are endless – with the right set of instructors, ingredients and equipment. Join us today to learn more about clay figurine making.

Stress Relief

For adults, manipulation of clay is a therapeutic experience, especially when participants are mindfully engaged in the craft of clay modelling, relieving the stresses of life!

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Clay Art FAQ

1. Is Craft’s Lab Clay Art Making suitable for adults?

Certainly! Our clay art making workshops are suitable for children and adults. We have done numerous team building clay art workshops for our corporate clients.

2. Is the Clay used safe?

The air-dried clay we use is non-toxic, and no mess – leaving no residue. However, participants are encouraged to wash their hands once they have completed the activity.

3. Do I need to bake the clay?

No. We use air-dried clay and it typically takes up to 24 hours to fully harden. Participants will be given a carrier to bring home their clay masterpieces!

4. What is the minimum number of participants?

The minimum number is 5 pax. However, if your group is less than 5, we can still conduct the workshop but the charges will be in accordance to the minimum number.

6. How can I make a reservation?

Please contact us at 6355 0329 or [email protected] for reservations and enquiries.

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    - Clay Figurine Making Workshops - Craft Labs, Singapore January 2022

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